Bobbi and I love to travel! Our preferred method is to jump in the car and simply follow the "roads less traveled." Wandering has taken us to many wonderful places around the globe, enjoying outdoors, nature, birds and wildlife.

In our former lives, I was a jeweler who cut and set many opals and other gemstones. My photography skills assisted in writing and publishing five books on opal. Oh, by the way, I am also a retired Professor of Economics with a speciality of Environmental policy.  Bobbi was an aspiring performance artist, but lived her actual life as an executive secretary. Each of us brings a unique perspective to our photography, sharing the wonders of our world with you. 

In addition to travel, I am a devoted fly fisher, having cast a line all over the country. . .primarily for trout in the Rocky Mountains. I have written and published two fly fishing books. Again, I simply wander the streams. This has led me to some very out-of-the-way places. . .always with a camera. My photos have illustrated two fishing books plus numerous articles in lapidary and fishing magazines.