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Paul and Bobbi Downing

Bobbi and I love to travel. Our preferred method is to get in our car and wander around back roads,  taking us to many beautiful places. Our photography represents our interests: the outdoors, nature, birds, and wildlife. 

I was a jewelry designer/lapidary in a former life, and author of opal-related books and magazine articles for Rock and Gem, Lapidary Journal, and Jewelry Artist. I am a Professor Emeritus at Florida State University, specializing in Economics and Environmental Policy. Bobbi dreamed of being a performing artist but had to settle in the "real world" as an executive secretary. Until recently she has performed with many community theaters. 

In addition to travel, I am a devoted fly fisher. I have fished all over the country, but primarily in the Rocky Mountains for trout. Again, I wander around. This has led me to some very out-of-the-way places, always with a camera. My fishing photos have illustrated two fishing books and many magazine articles. 

Each of us brings a unique perspective to our photography. With these featured photographs, we share the wonders of our world with you.